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LDF Series - Mobile High Power Diode Laser

The LDF Platform - Thinking into the Future

With the LDF series Laserline is setting the benchmarks for high power diode lasers. Even devices with over 20kW laser power are set on sturdy castors allowing a single employee to move the laser to different locations for start-up in production – a unique benefit. All you need is electricity, water and an optical fiber – and the laser is ready for use at its new site. Thanks to permanent development of our proven active diode cooling technology the LDF series family is optimized to multi-kilowatt power levels even at high beam qualities: 8 kW out of a 600 µm fiber at NA 0.1 in a compact configuration at less than one square meter footprint.

A Modular Concept Allows Maximal Flexibility

Whether power, cooling or system interfaces: The LDF series can be individually configured and adapted to changing requirements. The laser concepts are available with internal or external cooling. With these Laserline chillers, perfectly aligned to the product line and fully integrated in the control cycle, high power lasers can now be operated permanently in production with a low footprint requirement. Through the internal networking of all components malfunctions can be diagnosed in real-time and resolved immediately.

The New Benchmark for Power and Functionality

The LDF series is one of the most efficient technologies with up to 50 percent electrical efficiency. Due to the mobile hot-plug operation unit LDF lasers can be flexibly monitored and controlled even from a distance. Connection areas and interfaces are easily accessible by an extendable hood. Individual components can easily be exchanged and in this way production is not interrupted.

The Intelligent System Control Makes a Difference

An industrial, latest-generation Ethernet network combines the different components and interfaces with the central control unit, which monitors the entire process in real time. An OPC-UA interface creates the prerequisites for a platform-independent, vertical and horizontal data communication. It enables the integration of lasers in modern concept architectures. All information is available at any time: on the mobile control panel directly on the laser or via network connection in a control center as well as over secured remote access.

Industrie 4.0 Communication with OPC UA

An OPC UA interface creates the prerequisites for platform-independent, vertical and horizontal data communication. It enables the integration of lasers, fibers and processing optics in modern system architectures and forms the basis for new digital laser solutions. 

  • Decentralized information acquisition on all networked Laserline products
  • Enhanced system transparency and reliability
  • Real-time status data collection
  • Customerspecific performance benchmarking
  • Maintenance cost reduction through optimized service intervals

The Beam Source of the LDF Diode Laser

The beam source contains several stacks of individual diode bars. The number of bars per stack and the total number of stacks depends on the laser output power and the required beam quality. Using a straightforward, patented technology, the beams of the diodes are overlaid to form a single laser beam that is coupled into an optical fiber.

In most cases, the modular structure of the laser head allows for additional fitting of stacks if extra power is needed.

Stack Management

Laserline aims for maximum reliability in particular for the heart of each diode laser installation: the individual laser diode. Very stringent criteria and specially developed test procedures, guarantee that only qualified laser diodes are used. Diode laser installation from Laserline operate for more than 30,000 hours, which is equivalent to 5 - 7 years of production, before diode laser elements may need replacing.

Should, despite all precautions, a spontaneous failure of a diode laser occur, Laserline’s pioneer electronic stack management procedure steps into action. Based on the redundancy concept and automatic adjustment, faults can be compensated within a few minutes.

Technical Advantages at the Glance

  • Worldwide only mobile series up to 45 kW laser power
  • Modular: Optionally internal or external cooling
  • Provision of all system data (laser, optics, fiber) for maximum transparency
  • High electrical efficiency: up to 50 percent
  • Field-proven active diode cooling technology
  • Internal networking of all components
  • Real-time diagnosis of malfunctions
  • Interfaces compatible with previous series generations

Highest Quality in Every Respect

  • Hot-plug capable mobile operation panel
  • Remote operation via network access
  • Convinient laser data backup on USB stick
  • Maintenance-friendly due to sliding service hood
  • Robust installation for over 30,000 hours of operation
  • Reliable and continious - also in multiple-shift operation
  • Industrie 4.0-conform communication via OPC UA
  • 5-year warranty for laser diodes

Optical Specifications

Max. output power8,000 W11,000 W16,000 W24,000 W45,000 W
Beam quality30 mm.mrad40 mm.mrad60 mm.mrad100 mm.mrad200 mm.mrad
 Other laser powers and process adapted beam qualities available
Fiber optic cables600 µm[NA 0,1]400 µm[NA 0,2]600 µm[NA 0.2]1,000 µm[NA 0.2]2,000 µm[NA 0.2]
Fiber length10m, 20m, 30m, 50m, other lengths on request
Performance stability< ± 2% over 2 hours
wavelength range900 nm to 1,080 nm

Mechanical Specifications

VG64Weight approx. 750 kg, dimensions: 1,012 x 680 x 1,599 mm³ (length x width x height)
VG66Weight approx. 800 kg, dimensions: 1,065 x 850 x 1,845 mm³ (length x width x height)
VG68Weight approx. 900 kg, dimensions: 1,409 x 1,227 x 1,865 mm³ (length x width x height)

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