Optics with
Multi-Spot Module

Beam Splitting and Tailored Spots

With the Laserline multi-spot module, almost any desired spot geometry and intensity distribution can be realized. Besides beam splitting for the creation of several single spots, the module also allows for the adjustment of spot geometry as well as targeted manipulation of the intensity distribution within the spot. Here, the multi-spot module is configured in such a way that the focus meets exactly the process demands. Furthermore, parameters such as spot distance or distribution of power to the single spots can be finely adjusted.

Example: Triple Spot

A typical application of the Laserline multi-spot module is the triple spot method for brazing hot-galvanized steel sheets. The combination here of a homogeneous rectangular spot with two round pre-spots allows for the realization of high process speeds with high quality process results at the same time. This is made possible because of the two pre-spots that are used to ablate the galvanization and thus contribute to a calming of the brazing process.

Example: Spot-in-Spot

High speeds and attractive seams - the multi-spot module with spot-in-spot design enables efficient welding of asymmetrical and symmetrical seams with less spatters and adaptable penetration. The video illustrates the achievable improvements in welding quality by comparing conventional circular spots, homogenized rectangular spots and Laserline multi-spot technology in a spot-in-spot configuration.