Plastic Processing
with Diode Lasers

For almost twenty years now, Laserline systems have been used in different areas for plastic processing.

Diode Lasers in the Plastics Industry

Increasingly, items such as aircraft parts, pressure vessels, seals, and pipes that have traditionally been made of steel or aluminum are being replaced by ones made out of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic based on plastomers (CFRP). The use of CRFP improves the mechanical properties of the product and can create a weight savings of up to 70 percent. 

Early exploited fields of application for Laserline's diode lasers are e.g.  tape laying and tape wrapping of fiber-reinforced plastics, in which the laid or wrapped tapes are welded with the help of diode lasers. These methods are used, amongst others, in the production of seamless tubes, e.g. for offshore applications.