Plastic Processing
with Diode Lasers

For almost twenty years now, Laserline systems have been used in different areas for plastic processing.

Diode lasers in the plastics industry

A typical application is quasi-simultaneous welding – a type of transmission welding that is primarily used for the permanent sealing of plastic housings in electronics. The highly dynamic Laserline dioscan systems with homogeneous circular focus here provide an optimal beam guidance and accordingly great results. The contact-free heat input protects sensitive components, while quick and material-protecting heating leads to a homogeneous melt. 

Further, early exploited application fields are tape laying and tape wrapping of fiber-reinforced plastics, in which the laid or wrapped tapes are welded with the help of diode lasers. These methods are used, amongst others, in the automobile and aircraft construction, as well as in the production of seamless tubes, e.g. for offshore areas.  

Since 2010, Laserline's diode lasers have additionally been used for sealing narrow surfaces of furniture edges. The laser beam is absorbed into the functional layer of the coextruded edgeband and thus provides an even melting over the complete edgeband width. Thanks to the innovative OTZ zoom homogenization optics, various focus sizes can be realized.