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Brilliant High Power Diode Lasers

High speed | small focus | slim weld seam

Overview of application areas

LDF Diode Lasers with Beam Converter

Application with Precision

Many developments for precision machining, such as remote welding applications, require industrial-grade beam sources with high power and high brilliance. Here, the Laserline beam converter concept perfectly combines the modularity, practicality and cost effectiveness of LDF diode lasers with high beam qualities.

Brilliance Through Transformation

The beam converter is a technical enhancement of the proven LDF core technology with directly cooled laser diodes. Starting from a standard diode laser, a laser beam at medium beam quality is first focused into an active fiber – the converter. The converter module transforms the brilliance of the laser beam. In contrast to LDF systems without beam converter, the wavelength changes only slightly and is about 1080 nm. Different configurations thus enable an output power of up to 8 kW with brilliant beam quality of 4, 6 or 8 mm mrad.

Modularity in the System

With the latest Laserline LDF system design modularity, reliability and ease of maintenance are pursued consistently. Laser power, beam quality, the number of beam switches, cooling and auxiliary components can be configured individually and adapted to changing requirements. All system data are monitored and collected by the central control unit.

The operation and evaluation can be done with the mobile control panel directly on the laser, via network connection in a control center, as well as over secured remote access.

The laser energy is transmitted via pluggable and robot-suitable optical fiber. Depending on the beam quality, core diameters of 100 μm to 200 μm are available

Process Principle Beam Converter:

1. Pump diodes

2. Active fiber

3. 2-exit beam switch

4. Passive fiber

Technical Advantages at a Glance

  • Fiber-coupled lasers with up to 8,000 W laser power
  • High beam quality of up to  4 mm mrad
  • Compact and economical design 
  • Building on proven LDF basic technology
  • 2-year warranty for laser diodes

LDF Diode Laser with Beam Converter at a Glance

Optical Specification

Max. output power 4,000 W 6,000 W 8,000 W
Beam quality 4 mm.mrad 6 mm.mrad 6 mm.mrad
  Other laser powers on request
Optical fiber 100 µm[NA 0.1] 150 µm[NA 0.1] 150 µm[NA 0.1]
Typical focus at 1:1 figure 100 µm 150 µm 150 µm
Fiber length 10m, 20m, 30m. Other lengths on request
Power stability < ± 2% over 2 hours
Wavelength range 1,080 nm ± 5 nm

Mechanical Specifications

VG66  Weight approx. 800 kg, dimenstions 1,065 x 850 x 1,845 mm³ (length x width x height)
VG68  Weight approx. 900 kg, dimenstions 1,409 x 1,227 x 1,865 mm³ (length x width x height)

Use of LDF Beam Converters

The LDF beam converter concept combines high power, the modularity and practicality of LDF diode lasers with high beam quality.


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