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Body of a small motor ratio for copper welding by Laserline diode lasers

Blue High Power Diode Laser

Laserline’s blue laser series revolutionizes the processing
of copper, gold and its alloys in various ways.

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The Brake Disc for Less Fine Dust

Laser cladding High-speed process supports the cost-effective manufacture
of a new brake disc generation to meet new Euro 7 pollution rules

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Laser Drying

Quantum Leap in Energy Savings | Drying with Photons

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High Power Diode Laser Solutions

Industrial lasers | Diode lasers for materials processing

With more than 7,500 systems in field use, Laserline's industrial lasers are among the most successful beam sources for industrial material processing in the multi-kilowatt range. Modular design, high efficiency and very high reliability with low maintenance requirements are appreciated by our customers worldwide.

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About Us

We have been dedicated to diode lasers for over 25 years.


From laser beam generation to the workpiece

Cladding and additive manufacturing with copper powder by Laserline diode lasers


From surface treatment to joining and additive manufacturing

Row of finished car bodies in a production site welded together with laser by Laserline diode lasers


Technology partnership & customized laser systems


From initial application trials to series production


Sustainable use of resources is important to us.


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Industry Solutions

Customized system solutions from Laserline are used in production processes in many industries. Users primarily come from the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and tool- and mold-making. Numerous companies in the aerospace and heavy industry also rely on Laserline today. In new industries such as the manufacture of electric motors or the production of lithium-ion batteries, we work closely with our partners and customers to jointly create innovations and added value for the future. 

Row of finished car bodies in a production site welded together with laser by Laserline diode lasers
Automotive & E-Mobility

In car body construction - for brazing, aluminum welding, remote welding and more

Oil and gas platform on the ocean by Laserline diode lasers
Oil & Gas

Coatings for wear and corrosion protection with the diode laser

Closeup of a turbine engine processed with Laserline diode lasers
Aviation & Aerospace

Diode lasers for welding of metals, plastics and cladding

Transportation ship loaded with containers stationed at a port by Laserline diode lasers

Coatings for wear and corrosion protection with the diode laser

Wind turbines and a row of solar panels in daylight by Laserline diode lasers
Renewable Energies

Coating of wind turbine plain bearings and more

Process of a metal model being hardened by Laserline diode lasers
Tool- & Mold-making

Production of tools as well as pressing and casting molds - Welding, hardening, 3D printing

Protection of saw-blades from wear and corrosion by means of additive manufacturing by Laserline diode lasers

Wear protection for agricultural machinery blades and other highly stressed components

A flip chip attached on a electronic circuit board by Laserline diode lasers

Optoelectronic inspection of wafers and brazing of electronic components in plates

Diode Lasers in Use

Powerful | Compact | Individual

The flexibility of our high-power diode lasers offers a wide range of applications for users in production processes worldwide. Diode lasers have become indispensable in many industrial sectors. Typical areas of application for Laserline diode lasers are classic industrial metalworking processes such as welding, brazing, hardening, softening and the creation or repair of coatings. Laserline diode lasers have also established themselves in plastic welding and in newer manufacturing processes such as additive manufacturing (metal 3D printing) or the welding of fiber composites. 

Laser coating technology for high-performing drilling tools by Laserline diode lasers
Laser Cladding

Laser Metal Deposition

Cladding and additive manufacturing with copper powder by Laserline diode lasers
Copper Cladding

Laser Metal Deposition

Laser Additive Manufacturing with layers of material by Laserline diode laser
Additive Manufacturing

Laser Metal Deposition

Laserline diode laser-based coating with hot wire from stainless steel has proven to be an effective repair method for damaged ceramic coatings.
Repair Welding

Laser Metal Deposition

Optimizing heat conduction welding by Laserline diode lasers
Heat Conduction Welding

Laser Welding

The advantage of Laserline diode lasers are the extremely smooth and clean welding seams
Keyhole Welding

Laser Welding

Aluminum welding by Laserline diode lasers
Aluminum Welding

Laser Welding

Body of a small motor ratio for copper welding by Laserline diode lasers
Copper Welding

Laser Welding

Laser Hybrid Welding by Laserline diode laser combines the advantages of two proven welding processes
Hybrid Welding

Laser Welding

Laser Brazing


Laser Hardening

Surface Heat Treatment

Accurate heating, consistent softening across the metal’s surface at high process speed by Laserlin diode lasers
Laser Softening

Surface Heat Treatment

Laser Drying of Batteries in a Roll-to-Roll Process by Laserline diode lasers
Laser Drying

Surface Heat Treatment

Laser curing for powder coatings by Laserline diode lasers
Laser Curing

Surface Heat Treatment

Yellow ceramics sintered by Laserline diode lasers
Sintering of Ceramics

Surface Heat Treatment

Semiconductor laser assisted bonding by Laserline diode laser
Laser Assisted Bonding


The ideal heat source for wafer production are provided by Laserline diode lasers
Semiconductor | Wafer

Annealing & Quality Inspection

Plastic welding pouches for laser welding by Laserline diode laser
Plastic Welding

Plastic Processing

Automated tape laying by Laserline diode lasers
Automated Tape Laying

Plastic Processing

Laser edging process with a laser beam by Laserline diode lasers
Edgeband Welding

Plastic Processing


In our journal you will find user reports and information on Laserline products in practical use.
Read more about process developments, technical innovations and the success stories of our customers.

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Coating of wind turbine plain bearings

Diode laser-based coating of wind turbine plain bearings is becoming…

Durable railway line repair on track with mobile laser

New approaches enable diode-laser-based additive welding of rail track and…

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