Technical refurbishment

Robust and reliable

Most Laserline systems that were delivered in the last 20 years are still in use today. However, to make an economic or cost-optimized further operation possible at specially the oldest models, a basic technical refurbishment might be useful. The modular Laserline technology makes this possible in many cases.

To support our customers here in the best possible way, we have developed concepts for updating older lasers to the current technology. This conversion can certainly be realized for single lasers as well as a whole laser fleet. Corresponding to your specific demands (planned remaining period of the lasers, application scenario, etc.), we would be pleased to submit an individual offer  for your consideration.

Used lasers and components

Laserline also offers several used lasers and components from different product lines. All devices and components are thoroughly refurbished and updated technologically to the latest state of the art. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.