Zoom Optics

Always the suitable spot

Perfectly tailored to Laserline's diode lasers, OTZ zoom optics make flexible creation of spot lengths and widths possible. Changing process scenarios can thus be realized with only one optic. The application’s specific configuration can be optimized with supplementing modules from the Laserline system construction kit.

In laser applications with a regularly changing task range, e.g. surface hardening in order production, users need to not having to exchange the process optic perpetually. The OTZ zoom optics from Laserline offer here the optimal support. With continuously consistent top-hat energy distribution in the laser focus, spot lengths or widths between 5 and 174 mm are possible. Therefore, from quasi linear to large-scale square spots, various focus varieties are possible.

Dynamic at the Work Piece

The Laserline OTZ zoom optics control track width and beam height of the laser beam at the workpiece via motorized adjustment of the homogenization elements. The geometrical spot parameters can additionally be changed during the running process. With the help of these dynamic adjustments, highly complex process tasks can be handled flexibly and efficiently. Water cooling and integrated temperature sensors allow for permanent operation at high power of up to 10 kilowatts, and thus qualify the Laserline OTZ optics for usage in multi-shift operations. In rough production environments, stable housing with protection class IP54 protects the optic from dust and humidity.

Modularity in the system

The consequently modular system concept of the OTZ optic supports the quick and economic realization of customer-specific solutions for special process requirements.

As with Laserline’s OTS optics, users can also individually configure the OTZ optics and thus adjust them to the special requirements of their application.

For the simple integration in hardening plants, for example, the optic can be equipped with a 90° coupling unit. Through this coupling unit, an optical pyrometer can also be integrated for temperature controlled power control at changing track widths. Furthermore, more configuration options are available.