Industrial laser rental from Laserline
Rent laser systems

In operational tests of new processes under real world production conditions, the use of rental lasers can be a fast and cost-effective intermediate step to validate process stability. 

Practical testing of new procedures and process parameters at zero risk

Even our high-power lasers with more than 20 kW laser power are mounted on stable rollers and can be temporarily integrated into production lines without any reconstruction measures. Electricity, water and fibre optic cables are sufficient to get laser rental systems ready for operation at any location. Our commissioning and trainer teams will support you in integrating them into your production environment. Of course, the Laserline application engineers are also available on site to check and optimize processes and parameters developed in our application laboratories in live operation. The time frame and the scope of the rental will be adapted to your needs. The spectrum ranges from pure laser beam source rental with fiber optic cable and processing optics to to provision of complete systems including coolers and other components.

Laser rent benefits:

  • Investment safety for new purchases of lasers due to prior practical testing
  • Testing of new processes with no changes to running production lines and lasers
  • Fast availability of the appropriate system configuration tailored to requirements
  • Practical testing of new procedures and process parameters at zero risk
  • Buffering of capacity bottlenecks