Hotline (24/7) +49 2630- 964-2000

In every Laserline subsidiary, there is a hotline in the respective national language at your disposal. Furthermore, at the company headquarters in Mülheim-Kärlich close to Koblenz, Germany, there is an expert team with more than 10 laser experts at your disposal around the clock (24/7) who can advise you in German and/or English.

Our hotline-experts offer the following services:

  • Information in case of technical questions about the operation of our laser systems
  • Support for troubleshooting and spare part installation
  • Remote maintenance via teleservice

Remote maintenance
via teleservice

All Laserline laser systems offer the possibility for maintenance via teleservice. Thus, technical problems can be identified promptly and can be solved in most cases.

In particular, the following measures are possible:

  • troubleshooting and fixing
  • Software updates
  • Optimization of laser parameters
  • Activation of stack management