From hardening to
additive manufacturing

In tool- and mold-making, Laserline systems are used in different areas of industrial material processing.

Diode lasers in tool- and mould-making

As to the metal processing in tool- and mold-making, there are various possibilities for an economical use of lasers.

Heat treatments can be realized with the help of diode lasers in a more flexible, precise, and often more economical way than with other laser beam sources or other tools like gas flames, infrared rays, and induction coils, e.g. for the selective hardening of gripping tools or mold surfaces at particularly stressed areas.

Laserline’s high-power diode lasers are used for cladding - for armor-plating, plating or buffering cladding of workpieces, as well as for restoration of those coatings by repair welding.

A further typical field of use for diode lasers is additive manufacturing (or 3-D-print) of complex tool casting moulds.