Brazing optic OTS-5 with multispot-module

Optics for brazing

Due to the optimal adjustment of the spot to the process, Laserline’s optics allow for brazing seams that meet the high demands of the automobile industry. When brazing hot-dip galvanized zinc, for example, pre-spots ablate the galvanizing at the edge of the brazing seam and thus render high quality process results as well as high process speeds possible.


  • Round, rectangular and triple spot focus possible
  • Typical applications: brazing of metals in car body construction 
  • Integrated wire feeder with regulated wire feed speed and gas supply
  • Seam tracking with supplementary wire and focus position adjustment
  • Add-on: tactile or camera-led seam tracking
  • expansion level: cross-jet, protective glass monitoring, CMOS camera, crash sensor