Qualitative leap in
car body and engine construction

In car body construction, Laserline's diode lasers meet the highest demands for system availability, process stability, and the joints’ quality in the field of vision. 

Diode lasers in the automotive industry

A central application field in car body construction is joining.

The highest requirements for the optical appeal of the seam are on the outer skin. Typical applications are the laser welding of aluminum or laser brazing of galvanized sheets in tailgates as well as the roof / sidewall connection. In these applications, Laserline is also leading in the process development, and offers tailored multi-spot modules for optimizing the respective process. 

In the structures, doors, door cutouts, as well as in A-, B- and C-pillars, diode lasers are used for laser beam welding. For remote weldingdiode lasers with a beam converter are used.

As to tailored-blanks welding, sheets with different material thicknesses are joined, and thus tailored blanks for the metal-forming pressing of car body components are created. 

Furthermore, diode lasers are used in the drive train for the welding of gearwheels for hardening cam and crankshafts, as well as for hardening and coating of pressing tools.

Laserline Sales Director Markus Rütering introduces new projects and innovations not only of relevance for automotive applications.