Optics for heat treatment

Homogenizing optics

For the efficient treatment of workpieces with fairly large dimensions, Laserline’s optics with integrated beam homogenization offer extraordinary possibilities. The dimensions of homogeneous rectangular and line foci can be precisely adjusted to almost every process so that in applications like hardening, softening or drying, optimal results can be achieved. Furthermore, the homogenization optic can be configured depending on the requirements and boundary conditions of the process, and can be equipped with additional components such as a camera, pyrometer, and the like. Laserline zoom optics allow for dynamical adjustment of focus measurements during the running process.


  • Rectangular, line and square focus possible
  • Typical applications: two-dimensional machining such as hardening, softening, drying, tape laying and wrapping, as well as edgeband welding
  • Add-on: motorized focus adjustment with zoom optic
  • Homogeneous rectangular foci, typically realizable with aspect ratio 1:1 to 1:18 and edge length of up to 135 mm
  • Additional components: Pyrometer, CMOS camera