Technology Partnership
& Customized Laser Systems

Laserline offers turnkey high power diode laser systems & solutions. They include non-fiber-coupled diode lasers such as pump or light sources as well as customer-specific beam forming for special demands in material processing.

Close Development Partnership

Special requirements demand special solutions. With a strong team of technicians and engineers Laserline as a development partner in order to create the most suitable laser machine or process optic for your application scenario. Depending on the task, elements of the modularly designed Laserline systems are recombined, other components are integrated, or completely new products are developed. These range from multi-diode-laser-systems, pump and light sources and application-specific optics for perfect machining processes, complemented with a custom availability concept.

Safety Through Field Tests

When Laserline delivers a customer-specific solution, it makes sure that it fulfills every demand in the practical field. And that is because every newly designed customer solution is extensively tested in our own application laboratory and has passed comprehensive stress tests. These tests are made in close consultation with our customer as well. In this way, it is guaranteed that the demands are correctly identified and addressed with respect to practice.

Unique Feature in Competition

In the end, the beam source or process optic that was developed in close collaboration with the customer does not only support him/her with the optimal realization of his/her application, but for the most part it also provides him/her with a unique selling point based on a laser application that is unique and creates extraordinary results. Technical necessity thus becomes economically advantageous.

Our development for your application

Example: Hybrid laser

The hybrid project combines the features of LDF diode lasers and LDF diode lasers with beam converter. This laser links the high beam quality of the converter laser with the excellent surface treatment properties of a classical diode laser in one system. That way, laser beams of different beam qualities, output powers and spot geometries can be overlaid with a special working optics and can be used simultaneously in the process. This innovative operation mode makes inter alia outstanding keyhole welding results possible. As an alternative, hybrid lasers can also be used as a pure converter or diode laser as well as in other applications (e.g. laser cutting).

Example: Direct diode laser beam sources

The modularity of our beam sources enables a fast and economical realization of customer-specific solutions even for special applications and difficult integration scenarios. One design example is an ultra-compact direct diode laser for heat treatment applications with a housing width of only 50 mm.

Learn more about customized direct beam sources on our LDMdirect product page or contact us to start creating your own OEM industrial laser system with us.

Supplier Excellence Award 2019

Laserline’s high-power diode lasers have been successfully used in KLA system solutions for the optoelectrical testing of wafers for many years. The 2019KLA Supplier Excellence Awards were given to Laserline and two other suppliers for their outstanding performance in their respective categories in the areas of technology, quality, responsiveness, delivery, and cost. We are proud to have received this special award from one of our most important business partners in the electronics industry.

KLA develops industry-leading equipment and services that enable innovation throughout the electronics industry. They include advanced process control and process-enabling solutions for manufacturing wafers and reticles, integrated circuits, packaging, printed circuit boards and flat panel displays.

In close collaboration with leading customers across the globe, expert teams of physicists, engineers, data scientists and problem-solvers design solutions that move the world forward. Additional information may be found at  (KLAC-F).