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Customized Direct Diode Lasers

The modular beam sources of the LDMdirect series enable fast and economical realization of customer-specific solutions for special applications and installation situations.

Design Examples

LDMdirect 2000

An ultra-compact direct diode laser for heat treatment applications, with a housing width of only 50 mm. The processing head with integrated beam source and optic generates rectangular, fully homogenized laser spots that can be adapted to the process requirements. Multiple processing heads can be cascaded to form a system setup.


Diode lasers have been used in the manufacture of CFRP components since 2009. For the tape-laying and tape-winding of fiber-reinforced plastics, the tapes that have been laid down or wound are welded using lasers. The improved mechanical properties of the products and weight savings of up to 70 percent are leading to a continuous increase in the applications involving CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic) components. However, current production systems using a single machining head have a limited maximum yield. In order to increase the production capacity of tape application systems, Laserline developed a modular direct diode laser with a housing width of less than 50 mm. The design allows several heads to be integrated into one clamping. The processing head, with an integrated laser source and optic, generates a rectangular, fully homogenized laser beam that can be adapted to the tape sizes in question. The maximum laser power of more than 2 kW per processing head ensures high process speeds and guarantees that the tape material will melt reliably. A high working distance of more than 200 mm enables production to be both contamination-free and collision-free. The use of nothing but industry-proven standard components makes certain that processes can be started up swiftly and reliably.

LDMdirect 3000

Highly rugged and protected direct diode laser for harsh process environments.


An important field of application for diode lasers in the industrial sector is laser cladding or laser metal deposition (LMD) for the production of high-quality laser coatings. Components enhanced by diode laser cladding are used, for example, in mining, agricultural machinery or vehicle production. Special application or integration requirements make the use of fiber-coupled diode lasers difficult in individual cases. 

The design concept of this direct diode laser, which was developed for integration into a complex cladding system for engine components, is particularly suitable for harsh process environments. The process head meets the requirements of protection class IP64 and is also designed for moving operation with high accelerations.


  LDMdirect 2000LDMdirect 3000
Max. laser power2,000 W3,000 W
 Other specifications on request
Type Direct diode laser 
Wavelength range900 nm to 1070 nm
Weight4 kg31 kg
Dimensions 380 x 131 x 49.5 mm480 x 485.5 x 223 mm


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