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Cladding Optics
Multi Stream Nozzle

Cladding Optics
Round spot

Cladding Optic
Wide Stream Nozzle

In the great selection of Laserline cladding optics for every application, a suitable tool can be found. For cladding, repair welding or additive manufacturing, different powder nozzles can be combined with the modular optic system from Laserline. Because of the various configuration possibilities, the process optic can be flexibly adjusted to different process requirements and boundary conditions. Furthermore, all available modules are optimally adjusted to Laserline's diode lasers, and therefore allow for process results that meet the highest quality demands.


  • Round and rectangular focus possible
  • Typical applications: coating, repair welding, additive manufacturing 
  • Cladding with powder and wire
  • Coaxial powder feeder with different nozzle geometries, integrated inert gas supply and cooling 
  • Protective window cartridge for simple and quick changes
  • Angle of inclination up to 90° for 3-D processing
  • Expansion level: integrated sensor for process monitoring