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High Efficiency High Power Diode Laser

>50 % high efficiency diode laser for heat treatment applications like hardening, drying or curing

NEW LDF DR: High Efficiency Laser - Economic and Modular

With the LDF product range, Laserline sets the standard for high-power diode lasers. The patented direct diode laser technology has proven itself over 25 years. The new high-efficiency laser, which offers a wall-plug efficiency of over 50 %, was developed on the basis of this technique. With its modular concept, the laser power is scalable between 15 and 30 kW and various processing optics can easily be exchanged, making the systems easy to service. Today, Laserline is the only manufacturer worldwide with long-term field experience with 20+ kW high power diode lasers. 

More climate-friendly laser drying process of lithium-ion batteries by Laserline diode lasers
© Fraunhofer ILT

The solution for Drying Applications

Drying with diode lasers is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to the widely used convective oven drying. The footprint for the laser-enabled heating system is about 50 % smaller than with conventional heating technologies. The drying process with diode laser needs no heating-up time and the temperature control is set by a closed-loop pyrometry system. With a wavelength of about 1 µm the highest absorption on carbon particles (as used in e.g. battery electrodes) is realized, while allowing in contrast to other photonic heating approaches a full transmission through dense water vapor. Ultra wide beams with more than 1 m offer a direct energy transfer into the substrate. The practically maintenance free diode technology minimizes down time and maximizes productivity in battery production processes.

Technical Advantages at a Glance

  • Wall plug efficiency of over 50 %
  • Scalable laser power from 15 to 30 kW 
  • OTX optics for ultra wide homogenous spots, even large surfaces are irradiated - spot size tailored to customer requirements
  • Small footprint of laser system through modular, easily scalable components 
  • No heating-up time, instant power control
  • Based on patented direct diode laser technology for more than 25 years development experience
  • Modular concept - same laser with different optics, easy to service
  • 2-year warranty for laser diodes, upgrade to 7 years possible 
  • Applications like drying, curing and others in surface heat treatment 

OTX Ultra Wide Spot Solution

Laser Drying of Batteries in a Roll-to-Roll Process by Laserline diode lasers

Large Area Laser Treatment

The new Laserline OTX optics in combination with Laserline diode lasers are designed for the industrial heat treatment of large surfaces. Beam widths of over 1.5 meters can be achieved. The ultra-wide beam technology is successfully used in the roll-to-roll process for the electrode-drying of lithium-ion batteries. 

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LDF DR Series: High Efficiency Diode Lasers at a Glance

Laser Output Power (cw)  15,000 W 30,000 W
Model LDF 15,000 DR LDF 30,000 DR
Example intensity 8.3 W/cm² @ 600x300 mm² 3.1 W/cm² @ 1200x800 mm²
Compatible optics OTX (fixed optics) or OTZ (zoom optics), Spot size tailored to customer design, e.g. 120 x 120 cm²
Wall plug efficiency > 50 %
Fiber length 20 m, other lengths on request
Power stability  < +/- 2% over 2 hours
Connectivity Fieldbus interface, IoT Interface (OPC-UA)
Additional optional components Cross-guiding laser for precise positioning, power meter, future laser power upgrade package


Key Applications of High Efficiency Diode Lasers

High efficiency diode lasers are particularly suitable for drying and other surface treatment applications. 

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