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Laser curing for powder coatings by Laserline diode lasers

Laser Curing of Powder Coatings

Explore advanced Laser Curing technology for powder coatings by Laserline. Our use of high power diode lasers enables precise and efficient curing of coating surfaces.

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The Process

How does Laser Curing of Powder Coatings Work?

Our process relies on targeted energy delivery through high power diode lasers to powder coating surfaces. This emitted energy activates the molecular structures of the coating, resulting in rapid and efficient curing. The outcome is a robust and resistant surface.

Laser curing is in this case untreated by Laserline diode laser


Quick curing process, minimizing production times by Laserline diode lasers

Gelling and Curing

Meticulous control of curing process by Laserline high-power diode lasers

Fully Cured

Advantages of Laser Curing

Precise Control, High Speed and Efficiency

One of the notable advantages of Laser Curing is precise control. Our Laser Curing technology allows for meticulous control of the curing process, ensuring uniform curing and local heat input. Additionally, Laserline’s high-power diode lasers facilitate a quick curing process, minimizing production times and enhancing the efficiency of your manufacturing processes. Remarkably, Laser Curing allows for the curing of powder coatings in under 60 seconds and a WPE >50%.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental friendliness is a key aspect of our Laser Curing process. It serves as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional curing methods since the energy required for curing is solely absorbed in the powder coating and the underlaying substrate. This increases the energy efficiency, contributing to a more sustainable production.

Application Examples

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