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Processing Optics

Processing optics perfectly tailored to Laserline's diode lasers guarantee the successful realization of our customers’ applications

Our Processing Optics Series

Laserline provides industrial system solutions for laser machining. Processing optics perfectly matched to our diode lasers are a guarantee for the successful implementation of our customers' applications. Laserline's optic component range includes both standard and specialized beam shaping optics as well as add-ons such as pyrometers and CMOS cameras for process monitoring and control.

OTS Series | Modular Process Optics

Robust | variable | modular - OTS optics are designed for industrial material processing and to be used in combination with Laserline's diode lasers. Because of their modular design and the great number of possible spot geometries, the optics can be flexibly configured and optimally adjusted to just about any process demands.

OTC Series | Smart Processing Optics

The compact design of the OTC processing optics allows for an easy and tremendously flexible integration with systems that are quite different. The cooling system of the optics and the optional sensor package are completely integrated into the processing optics. Because of its monolithic construction and a consistent avoidance of interfaces within the optics, the OTC series can prove itself with its high reliability and low weight.

OTZ Series | Zoom Optics

OTZ zoom optics control the spot radius, track width and beam height as well as the focus length of the laser beam on the workpiece by motorized adjustment of the homogenization elements. The geometric spot parameters in the X and Y directions can also be changed while the process is running.

More climate-friendly laser drying process of lithium-ion batteries by Laserline diode lasers
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OTX Series | Ultra-wide Beam Technology

The new Laserline OTX optics in combination with Laserline diode lasers are suitable for the industrial heat treatment of large surfaces. Beam widths of over 1.5 meters can be achieved.

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