Laser Hybrid Welding

Leverage synergies: Hybrid laser arc welding combines the advantages of two proven welding processes.

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Hybrid laser arc welding

Hybrid laser arc welding processes represent a special combination of laser welding with GMAW (gas metal arc welding). Here either MIG or MAG welding (metal inert gas and metal active gas welding) and TIG welding (tungsten inert gas welding) are used.


Laser Hybrid Welding - The Process

Similar to keyhole welding, in hybrid welding a laser beam is used to achieve a sufficient welding depth, especially for thick materials. Since seam preparation is often not ideal for particularly thick sheet metal resulting in larger gaps, the missing material must be filled with an additional wire. For this purpose, laser hybrid welding combines the laser welding with the MIG/MAG welding process. The filler material fills the laser beam funnel and optimizes the flank connection. Both processes work in one process zone, enabling the advantages of both processes to be utilized.

Process advantages laser hybrid welding

By combining the advantages of both processes, laser hybrid welding enables high welding depths with high gap bridging at the same time, especially with high material thicknesses. By using the filler material, the properties of the weld seam can also be positively influenced.

Laser beam + gas metal arc hybrid welding with 10kW laser

High-quality welding seams with higher material thicknesses and large gap widths.

LDF high power diode lasers are ideal beam sources for laser hybrid welding.

Laser power10 kW
Speed3.5 m/min
Sheet thickness 5 mm
Gap width0.2 mm

Particularly suitable for shipbuilding, vehicle construction and construction machinery

The use of laser hybrid welding technology offers a wide range of applications. Due to the advantages of the combination process, in particular at high material thicknesses, applications are possible in shipbuilding, vehicle construction or also, for example, in the manufacture of construction machinery.

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