OTS Optics
Power on the Spot

Robust, Variable, Modular

The Laserline OTS optics are designed for industrial material processing and to be used in combination with Laserline's diode lasers. Because of their modular design and the great number of possible spot geometries, the optics can be flexibly configured and optimally adjusted to just about any process demands.

Robust in Continuous Operation

Laserline’s OTS optics are consequently tailored to the often demanding field conditions of industrial production processes. Due to a completely interior cooling and corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing with protection class IP54, the optics also resist permanent use in a tough production environment with high dust and humidity development - and this at a high laser power of up to 20 kilowatts. Due to standard interfaces, an easy integration in existing production plants and their control systems is secured.

Modular Design

For the compact series OTS-3 as well as the high-performance OTS-5, comprehensive system construction kits are available that allow for individual configuration of the optic and optimal adjustment to the process. With the help of homogenization optics or multi-spot modules, almost any desired focus geometry can be created. Furthermore, with additional components like cross-jets or powder nozzles, a wide range of applications can be addressed. Different sensors such as pyrometer or CMOS cameras for process control and monitoring are available. 

Flexible in Use

Whether it’s round or elliptical spots for welding applications, brazing or coating, linear or rectangular spots for softening or ablation, Laserline’s OTS optics always focus the laser beam to the desired focal surface geometry and thus represent all typical beam requirements of today’s laser applications. For more specific applications, e.g. simultaneous welding, further special configurations like double spots or circular focus variations are possible.

Optical and Mechanical Specification

  OTS-3 OTS-5
Outer dimensions optic tubes 56 x 56 mm² 74 x 74 mm²
Max. power (higher power on request) 12,000 W 20,000 W
Numerical aperture NA 0,1 - 0,2