with diode lasers

Typical application fields are laser joining of steel, aluminium, copper or plastics. 

LDF diode lasers in car body construction

A central application field for Laserline's diode lasers is the joining of shell components in the visible area of the vehicle, e.g. tailgates, roof seams, doors or C-pillars.

Besides the requirements of higher firmness and possibly a small heat-affected zone, as far as these visible seams are concerned, particularly high demands are made on the appearance of the welding seam.

Laser remote welding

To reach a quicker and more flexible process control when welding vehicle bodies or ships’ sides, laser remote welding is increasingly used. Because the laser beam is here directed from a distance of over one meter onto the workpiece, the application requires the combination of high laser power and high beam quality. Laserline LDF diode lasers with beam converter offer an optimal system solution for this special manner of keyhole welding.

Welding tailored blanks

At the laser-based tailored blanks welding using several sub sheets, shaped blanks are put together that will later be transformed to car body parts. However, the process is often afflicted with inefficient and easily soiled lasers that furthermore leave unpleasant metal splashes on the sheet and welding optic. Laserline's diode lasers generate an extremely calm molten pool that hardly creates a splash. They also resist dust and moisture-intense process environments.

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