From vision to innovation

With more than 4000 installations, Laserline’s diode lasers are amongst the most successful beam sources for industrial applications in the multi kilowatt range. 

High power diode lasers for the industry

Laserline was founded by Dr. Christoph Ullmann and Dipl.-Ing. (graduate engineer) Volker Krause in 1997. These two technology pioneers were convinced that it would be possible to develop an alternative beam source for the industrial laser material processing based on a known laser diode from the 1960 – the diode laser. Initially, the project was hardly taken seriously: a single diode seemed overly inefficient to be considered a suitable component for an industrial laser. However, Ullmann and Krause turned out to be right: within only a few years, an idea that was first sneered at became an innovative tool that conquered more and more industrial branches. For the most part, thanks to the pioneering work of Laserline, high power diode lasers have now been firmly established in many production plants, while the company itself has become the epitome of this technology.

International leading developer and manufacturer

Today, Laserline is the international leading developer and manufacturer of diode lasers for industrial applications. And with about 4,000 beam sources having been delivered worldwide, Laserline is easily one of the most successful providers of industry lasers. Initially domiciled in the Koblenz Technology Centre, the company has now owned since 2002 over 15,000 m² with large premises in Mülheim-Kärlich, where state-of-the-art production facilities and development laboratories meet all the requirements for its continued successful progress. Laserline currently employs more than 300 people and has international subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Japan, China, and South Korea, as well as sales partners in Europe (France, Italy, UK) and in the Asia-Pacific region (India, Taiwan, Australia).

Laserline headquarters Mülheim-Kärlich (Germany)

A well-defined philosophy as basis for success

Responsible for Laserline’s success story is a clear company philosophy that counts on sustainable organic growth and orients itself towards three core principles. Firstly, constantly improve the power and beam quality of the diode lasers and only accept physical limits. Secondly, offer industry customers compact high power lasers that have high energy efficiency and work reliably even under tough conditions. And thirdly, the will to realize tailored laser solutions for customer-specific applications including supplementing components and services.

Powerful – compact - individual

From this philosophy, lasers have emerged that today offer up to 25 kW power as standard and can even reach an unusual high efficiency of almost 50 percent. Meanwhile, in the power class up to 4 kW, converter lasers with high beam powers of up to 4 mm mrad are available. Laserline’s diode lasers are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and compactly built thanks to an innovative diode cooling technology and they are even available as 19" rack mount laser. Furthermore, customized laser designs are created, realized and thoroughly tested in our own application laboratory. Additional components such as processing optics, scanners, beam switches, and monitoring systems round off Laserline’s growing portfolio. Training as well as service and maintenance agreements are offered to users. In case of malfunctions, a 24/7 service hotline and teleservice with remote diagnosis and remote maintenance are available.

Wide application field

Typical fields of use for Laserline’s diode lasers are classical industrial applications in material processing like welding, brazing, hardening, softening, and realization or repairing of coatings. Additionally, Laserline’s diode lasers have become established in plastic welding and in newer manufacturing processes like additive manufacturing (metal 3-D printing) or welding of fiber composites. The users are primarily from the automotive industry, or the engineering, tool- and mold-making industries. Also in the aerospace and heavy industry, many companies today count on Laserline.