Application center


By this, production-like application conditions can be realized while the functions of the designed laser system can be reliably tested. Besides Laserline’s beam sources and more, multiaxial work stations are also available.

The following machines, devices and components are currently part of our laboratory setup:

  • Laserline LDF diode lasers
  • Laserline LDF diode lasers with beam converter
  • Laserline LDM diode lasers (19" rack mount)
  • 6-axis-robots with turn table and wire feeder
  • CNC-handling with XYZ-table and additional rotary axis
  • Welding and brazing heads with tactile seam tracking and additional modules for double and triple spot applications
  • Different scanner systems
  • Camera based temperature monitoring system for process control
  • Single-color and quotient pyrometer
  • Laserline OTZ zoom-optic
  • Small area remote welding optic with seam tracking
  • Remote hardening optic
  • Cladding optic for wire-shaped additive materials
  • On-light microscopy
  • Implements for metallography (metallography abrasive cutter; grinder; bouncing hardness tester)