Team Practice Dr. Dockhorn


Corona Vaccination Campaign at Laserline

On Dec. 17, 2021 a vaccination campaign was repeatedly organized at Laserline’s headquarters. Around 270 persons (employees and their relatives) received their first, second or third vaccination with the vaccine from Bion-Tec that day. The campaign was organized with the support of practice Dr. Dockhorn from Neuwied (next to Koblenz). Dr. Dockhorn kindly agreed to do a short interview with us.

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, it was very important to our CEO’s Dr. Christoph Ullmann and Volker Krause to take measures in case to protect the employees of the company. Presence teams are of high relevance at Laserline. "A company of our size can quickly develop into a source of infection that radiates into other areas in various ways. It was therefore even more important to us from the very start to maximize health protection for our employees and their contacts," our managing directors emphasize. Through targeted relocation of administrative processes to remote work, strict visitor regulations including rapid tests, as well as severe hygiene measures and daily health checks, Laserline has so far succeeded in preventing internal infections and maintaining operations without interruptions. Making vaccines available to our workforce was therefore a matter of course from the beginning of the pandemic. This is how we proceed to this day, as we strive to provide our employees with an offer of vaccination at regular intervals.

Considering the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, it is all the more important to protect oneself and others. For this reason, another vaccination campaign took place before Christmas last year. Around 270 employees and their relatives were vaccinated or got their booster shot on this day at our headquarters in Mülheim-Kärlich.

When we asked Dr. Dockhorn how important it is from a medical point of view to get vaccinated (especially within a company) she explains, "I think it is very important for each person himself but also for the environment. For companies, there is also the fact that nobody wants to have long periods of sick leave. No one wants the infection to be passed on within the company and that is why the vaccination - especially the third vaccination - is immensely important." The mood of our employees was perceived by Dr. Dockhorn as "Absolutely positive." "Most are very grateful and very well informed. For many it was a relief to get the (third) vaccination before Christmas!", the doctor added. We are pleased that the willingness to get vaccinated is very high within the company - especially in light of the increasing infection numbers and the Omicron variant. "The speed with which Omicron is spreading is immense. It's a lot faster than what we've seen so far," Dockhorn said.

When asked what she would like to see from companies in connection with Corona vaccinations, she summed up her view as follows, "Everything went optimally at Laserline. This is the third time we've been here and it's just phenomenal in terms of organization, facilities and the way we've been received and supported - there's nothing left to be requested! I also know that many other companies are willing to provide their employees with a vaccination offer. However, not everyone is as clearly structured." "Some are also having trouble finding doctors. Even the company doctors who should carry out vaccinations are currently overworked and simply cannot cope with this in quantity. In this respect, I have no direct requests, but I think the companies are all together very committed to provide their employees with vaccinations," she added.

We are pleased that Dr. Dockhorn’s team has supported us once again and are very grateful for the remarkable work and the smooth process.