Individual intensity profiles
with multi-spot optics

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Additive Manufacturing
with wire

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Surface hardening
with diode laser

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Diode laser solutions 
for industry

The Laserline company stands for high-quality diode lasers and industry lasers for laser industrial photonics material processing in the most diverse sectors and application fields in the laser industries.

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Customer-specific industrial laser systems for your success

When you buy a diode laser, this is particularly a question of efficiency. Laserline’s industry lasers have proven themselves by their compact designs, high powers of laser power systems, and excellent efficiency rates - and all this at high profitability. Because of their excellent results, they are used worldwide for oem laser material processing in the most diverse production chains. They lasers for industry are called fiber laser systems, diode laser system, oem laser systems, turnkey laser systems or High power laser systems.

Powerful laser system in the industry

The high-power diode lasers of the laserline diode laser manufacturer are used in the following application of laser in industry:

  • Laser joining, e.g. in the automotive industry:
    At production processes such as heat conduction welding, keyhole welding or laser brazing, our lasers have proven themselves by their gentle material processing, excellent seam qualities, and high process speeds.
  • Laser cladding even under difficult conditions:
    Whether it is coating / laser cladding in the oil and gas industry, additive manufacturing for integration in machine tools, or repair welding in airy heights, our light and mobile industry lasers will support you in almost everything.
  • Economical heat treatment:
    With laser hardening, softening or drying, Laserline's custom diode laser often achieve more precise and effective results than other laser beam sources or tools.
  • Material gentle plastic processing:
    The proven Laserline top-hat beam profile without intensity peak makes the material gentle processing possible even for laser welding plastic, tape laying or edgebanding welding.

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