Laser material processing
in industrial production

Typical fields of use are classical methods of laser material processing such as welding, brazing or hardening. Laserline's diode lasers are also established in newer production methods such as additive manufacturing.

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Laser metal processing

Laserline has developed various systems for the most diverse of applications in laser sheet metal working and other applications for industrial processing of metals. The applications in the field of laser material processing have a wide spectrum and reach, ranging from metal welding over surface treatment to cutting and generative methods such as laser metal deposition (LMD). 

For the processing of metals, Laserline’s high-power diode lasers are, among others, used in the following typical application fields:

  • Welding of metals / metal welding (aluminum, stainless steel, construction steel, and other metals)
  • Hardening of metals
  • Laser soldering / brazing (especially in automobile construction)
  • Cladding / Coating / Repair welding
  • Cutting of metals

Special solutions are remote welding, warm reshaping, hybrid welding or welding of solar cells, and other applications of lasers.

Processing of the most diverse of materials

Diode lasers have also been used successfully in the following industrial permanent operations in terms of methods to process composite materials and applications in plastic industry for many years now:

  • Welding of plastic
  • Edgebanding welding in the furniture industry
  • Tape laying and tube wrapping of CFRP tapes (carbon fiber-reinforced plastics)
  • Warm machining of ceramics
  • Cutting plastics and other materials

Diversity of diode lasers

We take advantage of the opportunity to match the focus to the power of lasers so that for each application the optimal process with the diode laser in laser metal processing is achieved. Additionally, for various processing tasks, the laser is specified by suitable additional components such as a fiber optic cable, an optic, and more. Thus, our diode lasers can be used within a fairly wide spectrum for laser material processing. Because of continuous improvements to the beam sources in the fields of performance and beam quality, more and more new application fields have presented themselves for our high-power diode lasers. This high flexibility that characterizes our lasers is also reflected in our modular design principle. The continuous development of our systems is supported by our growing know-how in laser material processing and diode laser technology. With this knowledge, we can find the right laser for almost every application.

Cutting with lasers

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