Laserline: Latest company information on COVID-19

The pandemic situation continues to influence Laserline's day-to-day business operations. To protect customers, partners and employees, measures towards minimizing the risks involved have been optimized once again at all company locations. Occupational safety standards are continuously adapted to the current infectious situation and to the applicable hygienic rules in order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible while operations are ongoing.


Every employee now has his or her temperature taken when entering the company building. External visitors are only allowed to enter the building after presenting evidence of a negative Corona test. Customers and partners are also requested to do the required quick Corona test directly on site. Employees have been trained for this purpose and a special room has been set up that is separate from every other premise and can only be accessed from the outside. In addition, FFP2 masks are mandatory throughout the entire company building for visitors and employees alike. Laserline provides these masks free of charge. Meetings are mainly held online, and for this purpose special meeting rooms have been set up. Wherever and whenever work permits it, Laserline employees are to work from home.


Interruptions to production and delivery have not become necessary at any time. This is also due to the sense of responsibility among all Laserline employees, for which we are truly grateful. We continue to look ahead with a positive outlook, hoping to master this difficult situation together sooner rather than later. We will be happy to keep you informed of any future developments at Laserline.


We wish you all the best!


The company management of Laserline GmbH