Diode lasers improve coatings and joints

Interview with Santiago Pomposiello, General Manager for Latin America at Laserline.

"Almost all applications in the oil and gas industry are harsh environment applications - and all component designs and coatings must meet these requirements. Wear-resistant coatings on drill heads, for example, must be hard and adhere very well, they shouldn’t be too thick and shouldn’t have pores or cracks. At the same time, they must be applied very precisely and without critical deformation of the drilling tools - and they should not require any reworking to be economically efficient. All this is achieved with Laserline diode lasers. Laser metal deposition based on diode lasers is the most precise of all coating methods, and it offers the advantage of a smaller heat-affected zone and less dilution of base and coating material compared to conventional hard armouring processes such as plasma powder deposition welding (PTA). The deposition rate is comparable and the application remains metallurgically dense, with excellent adhesion to the substrate."

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