High-power diode lasers

Laserline offers industry-appropriate system solutions for laser material processing — from beam generation to the workpiece. 

Diode lasers - light from electricity without the indirect route

Typical for lasers from Laserline is the direct use of diodes as the most efficient form of beam creation. The basic advantage of diode lasers lies in the direct transformation of electricity into light without the indirect route over a pump medium.

Thus, diode lasers are more compact, more efficient, more mobile and easier to handle than all other lasers. Diode lasers will not disappoint because they are almost maintenance-free and have long lifetimes.

Almost maintenance-free

The highest possible process stability and system availability in a three-shift operation are requested by the automobile industry, which have been met and implemented by diode lasers for many years now. With an almost maintenance-free operation and a lifetime of far more than 30,000 operation hours at its highest efficiency rate, the diode laser clearly outclasses other laser beam sources. For comparison: with lamp-pumped Nd:YAG lasers, a lamp change is necessary about every 1,000 operation hours, which always entails downtimes and service costs.

Low space requirement

The space requirement in production has become an important criterion for planning production lines. Thus, an added plus for LDF diode lasers compared to other lasers of the same performance class is the low space requirement of under 1 m² floor space. The compactness and robustness of the diode laser even allow for mobile use if needed, which render a completely new service and backup strategies possible. For maintenance works or in the case of malfunctions, it can be replaced fairly easily and quickly. Therefore, maintenance or repair can take place separately from the production line, and thus without production downtimes. The exchange lasts less than half an hour and no new setup or programming of the laser is necessary.  Service calls from technicians from customer-side or Laserline are therefore significantly more flexible.